The Yunus Social Business centre, located at Griffith University, Logan Campus, is a space that is intended to foster the development of entrepreneurial businesses that are starting out locally and looking to do more for their communities than just make a profit.  It was quickly evident that this project, while being small in scale at 230m2 represented some really interesting ideologies and presented challenges that aligned closely with the sustainable philosophies of ArkLAB.

The space is designed to be flexible, open planned offices with a variety of types of places including collaborative, quiet & social work.  Our design opened up the space to a large amount of natural light and significantly increased the visual transparency, by opening up to the entry foyer and celebrating the existing horizontal axis that it sits alongside.

The use of a raw unfinished material palette has assisted in providing spaces that inspire curiosity, possibility, awareness, empathy, creativity, participation & innovation.

The most interesting point for this project is the utilisation of local suppliers, company’s and materials.  For example, the quiet work ‘Pods’ are being designed by a local start-up company in collaboration with us and the user group, where old furniture and equipment from the university is being reappropriated.  All possible existing materials where recycled from the demolition, through local start ups like; Re-Gyp, Reverse Garbage QLD and Recycling Near you.