arkLAB’s design for the new office environment for the QUT Science & Engineering Faculty at Gardens Point is nearing completion with just furniture, planting, “work-pods” and clients to move in!

The project involves the adaptive  re-use of existing space in the heritage-listed R Block, built in 1928 as the Industrial High School of the Brisbane Technical College, which later went on to become the Queensland Institute of Technology and the Queensland University of Technology.

Portions of in-tact original face brickwork have been revealed from beneath layers of plasterboard and these will be integrated into the fit out which will comprise a gentle insertion into the now fully exposed original volumes.

The design provides a range of office environments for both the Staff and HDR students and is aimed at establishing a leading-edge environment worthy of significant standing within the university sector, where both Staff and HDR students can work, collaborate and interact together. The quality of the workplace achieved by the project will result in users being drawn to use the spaces as the primary location for all their workplace activities. It is further envisioned that outcomes will contain innovative solutions and design, such that future QUT projects will be able to draw upon the project as an exemplar.