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The ‘why’ behind our Process

I am often asked about arkLAB and why we practice our craft the way we do.

Behind our team’s passion for design, and our shared values, is the genuine belief that our clients want to be involved in the design of their projects.  We all love building IKEA right?

So, at arkLAB, we have developed a process that gathers our clients around the table, and our developing 3D CAD models, early in the design process and engages them genuinely in the ideas and forms that become their architecture.

In an extension of our “Design Charette” we also gather other consultants, suppliers and contractors in the design process and engage their input as the project develops.  In this way our work may be guided by a strong idea but is covered by the “fingerprints” of the entire client / design / construction team and benefits from a wide pool of experience.  We also find increasingly that the project reflects our clients’ aspirations for the project and our shared understanding of their needs.

Alan Jordan, Architect + Founding Director.