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Award Nominations

University of Queensland
Medical School Restoration and Refurbishment

UQ Medical School Restoration RefurbishmentThe rehabilitation, restoration and subsequent fitout of the University of Queensland’s 1939 Mayne Medical School encompassed a 3-fold methodology to achieve the client’s desired outcome.

To revitalise a “suffering” building, we needed to identify and separate the original fabric from the random insertions and alterations that had occurred over the last 70 years. In accordance with the Burra Charter, we applied a stringent process of protecting, revealing and restoring this original fabric. Extensive research revealed the building’s hidden logic and the technologies that were employed when it was first built in 1939. Paint scrapings revealed the original paint schemes, finishes and flooring. [read more]

Griffith University N13 Student Collaboration Zone

Griffith University N13 Student Collaboration ZoneThe leftover courtyard used for student thoroughfare was the site for this project at Griffith University’s Nathan Campus. The brief was to create a zone for students to meet and work adjacent to an existing lecture theatre. Our response was to create a vibrant collaboration zone within the misshapen and poorly orientated courtyard by creating a visual ‘eye’ glazed opening into the existing theatre while facilitating a light refurbishment of the space with a folded ground, seating and worktops. The amalgamation of the floor-wall-seat-ledge detail with the use of sustainable and hardwearing materials such as Modwood & compact laminate creates spaces and opportunities for different functions. [read more]

Griffith University – N55 Student Collaboration Zone

Griffith University N55 Student Collaboration ZoneThis project is conceived as a threshold zone tempering the controlled internal lecture theatre zone from the sunlit and active courtyard beyond. It serves as a private study, group work, gathering, break-out space both in relation to the theatre use and, in its own right, as a collaborative study zone. The fitout is arranged as a study platform and as a lens through which to view activities within the lecture theatre to the courtyard beyond. When viewing this spce frequently filled with students, often huddled in collaborative working groups, it is clear a key outcome of the project has been the provision of keenly sought after student workspace. [read more]

Emergency Services Administration

Emergency Services AdministrationLocated in a sensitive environmental zone, and working within the practical constraints of a Design and Construct contract, this project conceived as a flexible office environment which maximises comfort and performance through the use of simple ESD strategies and builder-friendly tectonics.

It serves as office, meeting, and interaction space and is linked to existing Emergency Services office and staff facilities. This project met stringent environmental benchmarks required by The port of Brisbane authority whilst providing flexible facilities for current and future users. [read more]

University of Queensland
Human Movement Student Learning Centre

University of Queensland Human Movements Student Learning CentreThe available site for this innovative learning environment presented a range of challenges including low ceiling heights, limited outlook and poor access to daylight. These infuences fueled a considered response centred around the design of internally illuminated perspex air-conditioning ductwork, custom furniture joinery and vast frameless glazing. The result is a flexible combination of study, collaboration and presentation spaces designed to enable private study, group learning and presentation functions. [read more]

University of Queensland – Confucius Institute

University of Queensland - Confucius InstituteThis project was developed on the basis of respecting and enhancing existing internal heritage features of the Forgan Smith building through the delicate insertion of forms and elements.

The principle has informed the development of the entire project, from its formal conception through to its construction details and the selection of services. Spatially, the reception and office sit as an inserted box within the greater volume, peeling back from the heritage walls and ceilings and allowing the volume to be appreciated in its entirety. [read more]