arkLAB “Finalist – Architectural Project of the Year” Award

arkLAB are exciting to announce they are a Finalist in the Australian Construction Awards – Architectural Project of the Year, 2020. We believe the Design Learning Centre at Meridan State College is worthy of the Australian Build Excellence award due to its innovative approach to the constraining east-west orientated site upon which it was built, its unique expression among an otherwise rudimentary built context, and its clever approach to sustainable design and natural light and ventilation initiatives – the building remains without air-conditioning within the hot Sunshine Coast climate. We also feel that the building plays an important role in resetting the path of many disadvantaged, or otherwise disenfranchised, youth within the local community, in providing a dynamic and engaging environment from which to platform. Lastly, the building stands as another example of our persistence to lift the quality of design outcomes within the Qld State School arena. Considered design is fundamentally important in the education sphere, and thoughtful, creative responses to design challenges have the potential to greatly influence the lives of many students during their formative years. That is why we treat this line of work with utmost care and passion and will continue to strive for design excellence in the public school sector.