Stretton College Expansion Underway …

arkLAB have completed design development and construction documentation for the $18M Stretton College Performing Arts Centre and New Learning Centre. This commission comprises the design development of two major facilities for the campus and will include the integration of a multi-storey Performing Arts Centre as well as a new Learning Centre in to the existing campus. For this project arkLAB were commissioned as design development, detailing and documentation architects by Broad Construction in a collaborative design and construct contract and based, in part, on a concept prepared by GHD Woodhead.

Stretton State college is currently undergoing a massive transformation at the moment as both it’s senior and junior campus receive new facilities, both due for completion in the new year. The senior campus of the school will soon be home to a new Performing Arts Centre. The building, which has been carefully designed to respond to the site and schools’ vibrant context introduces some colour and materiality to the street scape with the introduction of fenestration of the façade to provide a climatically appropriate design solution, one that will engage with the school and local community.

The building will provide much needed teaching spaces for Dance and Music and has been designed such that the school will be able open up the teaching spaces to provide a large performance space where the school can invite the community in to celebrate the schools Dance and Drama Talent.

The junior campus of the school will now be able to accommodate for future growth of the popular school with the introduction of a new three storey junior learning building. The building will accommodate 20 classrooms in the first stage facilitating an additional 500 students with the opportunity for future expansion of another 10 classrooms offering a future proofed design for the school.

Planning of the building allows for maximum flexibility for the school facilitating multiple teaching pedagogies as the curriculum develops into the future. The building and classrooms have had a splash of colour introduced to the building making for a playful learning environment for the students.